With a combination of modern dental technology and artistic approach we handcraft smiles at Smile Care Denture Centre. Our denturist will provide you with professional advice prior to choosing the denture that suits you best.

Cosmetic Dentures

This type of denture replaces all the missing teeth in the arch to restore your appearance. Without support from your denture, you facial structures change, making you look older. Standard dentures may fit comfortably and chew well, however they are designed with standard tooth color and mold for an average patient.
Every denture patient – especially those with oral tissues which have resorbed (shrunk) or those who have unusual jaw relationship (bite) – may require a personalized denture. At Smile Care Denture Centre custom designed precision dentures are created using premium materials and precision techniques. A blend of science and art will allow you to feel and look your best, and create a more natural smile.

Immediate Dentures

When the time comes for the natural teeth to be extracted, Smile Care Denture Centre offers immediate denture
technique. It is used to avoid the embarrassment of having to go without teeth during the healing process.
The immediate dentures are placed right after your teeth are extracted. Since we are not able to
try-in the dentures before the teeth are extracted some esthetic compromises may be necessary.
Immediate denture placement is generally quite successful, and does not present any significant problems to the patient.

As healing occurs and tissues shrink, denture adjustment will be required. Follow up appointments are booked for the placement of temporary liner or tissue conditioner. This liner that is soft in nature will help to stabilize the dentures and increase comfort during the healing process. Once healing is
complete, a new denture is fabricated to maximize fit and comfort. Our denturist will help you regain that beautiful smile.

Removable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are classified according to the number of teeth that are missing. By replacing the missing teeth we improve your smile, health and appearance. Partial dentures are also classified according to the combination of
materials used.
Partial acrylic dentures are commonly used as a temporary denture. These work well as a temporary replacement.
The metal acrylic denture, referred to as cast partial, is a more permanent solution. The type of metal used is chromium cobalt or titanium, which is designed to be extremely comfortable and very strong.
Advance techniques and usage of premium materials allows Smile Care Denture Centre to fit you with a denture more comfortable than ever before.

Implant Retained Dentures

Many of us have experienced difficulties associated with some or all missing teeth. This has a direct effect on our quality of life and confidence. We adjust our eating habits and choices of foods we love to eat become limited.
Missing teeth influence our health, speech and appearance. Due to bone loss, signs of aging become more evident. Multiple changes that occur may cause a great degree of difficulty stabilizing the denture. Denture implants have been found to be the closest to replacing your natural teeth. They substitute the roots and create a solid foundation to retain and/or support a denture. Please visit our denture implants page for more information or book your free personal consultation with our denturist.


Athletic Mouth Guards should be worn when participating in all activities that have risks of fall and may involve head contact with other players or equipment. They not only protect your teeth, but the lips, cheeks and tongue. To offer the highest level of protection for both professional and beginner athletes Pro-Form mouth guards are prescribed. It is important to choose one that fits comfortably and is in your favorite color.
When not in use, you should always store it in a plastic container to protect it. After each usage it is washed under room temperature water. Excessive heat or cold can cause a distortion. Mouth guard should last for 2-3 years of normal wear. At Smile Care we strive to protect your smile and give you confidence of a properly fitted guard.

Anti-Snoring Appliance

Anti-snoring appliance is designed to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. It is an effective, comfortable and durable alternative to CPAP therapy or corrective surgery. A growing number of men and women who have
discovered this appliance have improved their sleep and even quality of life.
Your appliance is custom fitted, easily adjustable, and can be used in combination with CPAP in severe cases. The biggest advantage of this appliance is that it does not restrict any of your jaw movements. At our denture clinic you will receive a five-year limited warranty***. Ask us today about special pricing***

Rebase, Reline, Repair

It is important that your denture always functions at its best. Due to loss of weight, bone, teeth or normal aging,
our gums shrink. Relining the denture will compensate for the shrinkage that has occurred overtime and provide
you with the proper fit.
Denture repair is done in our denture clinic where we have a full laboratory onsite. Most repairs can be done in one day. Your denturist will investigate the cause, and explain how to prevent it from re-occurring. Smile Care Denture Centre friendly team will always help you with denture emergency.

Annual Check up

Why is a recall appointment necessary?
It is important to keep your denture working at its optimum for you to look and feel your best. A regular checkup at
Smile Care Denture Centre will ensure that you get both care and attention. Your denturist will examine your tissues
and bone, oral cavity, update your medical and dental history, and check the fit and bite of your dentures.

After a close examination your dentures will be professionally cleaned and polished. They will feel new once again!

Soft Liner Alternative

Those who experience gum shrinkage and constant irritation or sharp prominent areas can take advantage of the soft liner. Soft liners will provide great relief for those with chronic discomfort. Many denture wearers start to chew food more comfortably, applying less stress on their gums. Utilizing top of the line materials and advanced techniques we are able to provide you with a more gentle fit and comfort. Ask your denturist at Smile Care Denture Centre if soft liner ir right for you.

Teeth whitening

Whitening is an effective process that will remove discoloration of your teeth. Peroxide based gel is applied in a custom fitted appliance that is worn over your teeth. It is always a good idea using the same application to apply toothpaste for five minutes if you have sensitive teeth. Most common cause of discoloration is aging, staining from food and drinks, trauma, medications and excessive fluoride.
Almost everyone with natural teeth can benefit from whitening. Using thorough examination your care provider will determine if you are a candidate
and also the degree of whitening. The ability to whiten depends on what was the initial cause of discoloration, and also the structure of your teeth.
The results are generally seen in ten to fourteen nights and will require periodic re-whitening for one or two nights every four to six months.