What are dental implants, can I benefit from them?

Dental implants are the safest way of replacing missing teeth. Not only will they help to bring back your natural smile, dental implants will give you confidence! Ask your denturist at Smile Care Denture Centre about implant solutions today.

What type of denture is right for me: standard or precision?

Standard dentures will provide good comfort and chewing ability. They are designed with a standard tooth color and mold for an average patient. Custom designed precision dentures require usage of premium materials and precision techniques. A blend of science and art will allow you to feel and look your best.

Are partial dentures all the same?

Partial dentures are subdivided into categories depending on the number of teeth remaining and their position. Partial dentures are made of
different materials: dental acrylic, alloy, nylon or combination. Dentures fabricated with metal framework best as they provide optimal fit and comfort.

I am allergic to metal/ acrylic. What do I do?

At this point medical tests will be required to confirm the allergy. Titanium works best for anyone who suffers allergic reaction to metal. Dental acrylic would be substituted with specially designed, dense nylon material.

Can you make a partial denture without hooks?

Yes, we provide a variety of options to make the hooks disappear. Just ask us today!

How soon can I enjoy my new dentures?

Depending on the type of denture it may take 4-6 weeks
First step is building our treatment plan and taking preliminary impressions
The second step is final impressions. At this stage we mold the tissue fitting surface of the denture
Next is the bite appointment. We will establish your jaw relationship, personalize a mold of your teeth and together choose the shade. The Following appointment will help us evaluate the appearance and check the function (verify centric occlusion)- at this stage all the changes can be made, since the teeth are secured in wax and position can be altered. Finally the most exciting appointment is the delivery of new dentures. Now the treatment is
completed and they are yours to enjoy. In one week we will see you back in the office for a follow up appointment.

Once my treatment is complete, what do I do?

The success of the care we provide depends on continuing home care and regular recall appointments. During a recall appointment we will examine your denture fitting surfaces as well as oral tissues. Your dentures will be cleaned professionally and re-shined. We make sure your teeth function at their best. Visit Smile Care Denture Centre in Mississauga annually.

How do I clean my dentures?

Please visit our denture care page for innovative denture cleaning techniques. We are here to help. Book a short consultation with the denturist to a receive denture care presentation.

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