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Our Denture Implant clinic in Mississauga offers implant procedures that are safe and cost-effective now more than ever before. Once you are qualified as a candidate for the treatment, meticulous planning begins. Your denturist works in close collaboration with the surgeon to create that perfect smile. Denture Implants Mississauga

Ask Yourself

    • Is your loss of teeth causing premature aging?
    • Have you ever wondered if you could enjoy your favorite foods again?
    • Are you able to keep your active lifestyle and feel confident?
    • Have you wanted to book a scuba diving trip or even go skydiving?
    • Is the embarrassment of your dentures falling out stopping you from enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant?

Now you can eat what you really want, not what you can!

Denture implants have been proven to be the most cost effective reliable solution for patients like you. Patients who have chosen this treatment option are happy and confident for the first time since the loss of their natural teeth.
How many implants to I need? denture implants Mississauga

Did you know that your lower denture can be stabilized with as little as two dental implants? Three to four dental implants is recommended to take the full advantage of the complete treatment. Denture Implants Mississauga

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Will my appearance change?

Our patients are not only surprised as to how well they can chew now, but also the changes in their appearance. Lots of signs of aging could be eliminated during this procedure, such as the appearance of the lips, and the lower part of the face is no longer collapsed. With the placement of dental implants, they stimulate bone and stop resorption.


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After the completion of the treatment at our Mississauga Denture Implants Clinic, our patients are often surprised how fear was getting in the way of
their lifestyle. They tell us how enjoyable the treatment actually was.
Book a consultation with your denturist today to discover a variety of denture implant solutions available.

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