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We are proud to offer innovative denture cleaning solution to all of our patients.
Nova Dent solution works on all types of dentures, orthodontic appliances and mouth guards.
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Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce that since May 2024, our denture clinic started accepting the Canadian Dental Care Program (CDCP) to assist both new and existing patients with the cost of denture care. Our clinic already accepts all major insurance plans, and we are proud to include the CDCP among them.

What is the CDCP? 

The Canadian Dental Care Program (CDCP) is a government-designed dental plan aimed at helping with the costs of denture care for those without other dental coverage. This program is designed to help cover standard denture care and denture maintenance.  

 Services Covered Under the CDCP (Since May 2024): - Replacements of Complete Standard Dentures

- Denture Repairs 

- Relines

- Tooth Additions 

 Both complete and partial dentures are eligible for repairs, alterations, and relines. 

Starting November 2024, the replacement of Standard Partial Dentures will also be covered.

Yours in the interest of continued good health,

Smile Care Denture Centre Team


Smile Denture Care Centre also offers the quickest and most reliable emergency denture repair service in our Mississauga Denture Clinic. With our on-site denture repair lab, we can perform same-day denture repairs while you wait.

Why Choose a Denturist?

Well in the denture world, a denturist is that specialist,
who works lives and breathes dentures.

Denturists are highly trained professionals, with the sole purpose of providing solutions for your denture needs.

The technical aspect of creating a denture is an intricate process whereby the Denturist is actually the designer, architect and the technician all in one, so really he is a “Master of all trades”. The denturist must design the denture according to one’s needs as well as the necessary mechanics, construct the prosthesis and further proceed with the insertion and the necessary adjustments. This requires good spatial and motor skills, but also vision on the denturist’s part. Creating prosthetics is one step, but creating smiles that fit each individual, their personality, their facial features and their unique lifestyle situation is the denturist’s ultimate objective.

The intricacy of creating dentures lies not only in the technical aspect of the workload but also in the time the denturist will spend to get to know the patient and their specific needs and goals. Denturists work closely with their patients to execute the best possible result for each individual. If you’re looking for a reliable denture Clinic in Mississauga, look no further, take an appointment today!